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Saturday, 20 Apr 2019

Content FAQs

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What are the main differences between leasing equipment or financing equipment?

If you lease equipment, you may be able to treat the paymets as an operating expense and write off the entire payment.  The leasing company OWNS the equipment from inception in a lease and the payments are typically considered as rental paymets. You can own the equipment at the end if you exerise the buyout, which can be $1.00 or more depending on your specific lease.  If you Finance equipmemt, you own the equipment at inception, you will capitalize it on the books, take depreciation, and we will put a security interest in the equipment.  Other advantages/disadvantages may apply so discuss your options with an Allstate Capital Respresentative.

Can you lease software?

Sure!  We do 100% software transactions all the time.

What affects the leasing or financing rates?

Lease rates vary depending on time in business, credit ratings, D&B Ratings, dollar size, financial strength, and Industry.  All of these factors have an impact on credit risk.  Unless we understand your business, we, nor anyone else, could not accurately price your transaction.  Have a frank discussion with your Allstate Capital Sales Representative for accurate quotes for YOUR business.

Can I roll in shipping and installation costs with my equipment lease?

Yes, we roll in these costs all the time.  While there will be soft cost ratios that vary per deal, we can usually accomodate your needs.

We routinely buy equipment for our business. Do you offer Master Leases or Master Finance Agreements?

Yes, Master Lease and Master Finance Agreements are available.   You sound like an ideal customer to set up as a Major Account.  As you buy more, the cost per unit actually goes down and you get one itemized bill.  An Allstate Capital favorite!

Are programs available to help me aquire new equipment while not increasing my monthly costs?

If you have paid your existing lease as agreed, yes, we can buy it out and restructure payments with a new equipment purchase.  Discuss your specific needs with your Allstate Capital representative to find the the best program for you.

I'm a Franchisee. Do you have special programs available?

Sure!  We will need information on your project and Franchise and based on what you are buying and the industry sector, we can offer some of the best franchise programs in the country.  Contact us to discuss your needs.  You'll be happy you did!

Do you work with Lease Brokers?

No.  We work though vendors, manufacturers, and end users directly.

I need equipment from several vendors and manufacturers. Can you do this on one lease?

Yes, we can add multiple vendors to lease and finance agreements and do so every day.  We pay them independently and you get one bill! We're a "one-stop-shop" for all of your equipment needs!

Do you do sale lease backs? I already paid for my equipment and I decided I would rather lease. Can you help?

Sale leasbacks can be tricky, but we do them all the time.  There will be Q&A and UCC Searches performed.  In many cases, financial statements will be required.  Time is of the essence if you recently paid for the equipment so don't delay!  Call us quickly to discuss!

What do credit inquiries do to my credit and what happens if I have several recent leasing inquiries?

This question comes up all the time.  Each commercial credit inquiry will cost you 5 points on your personal credit.  Worse than that, creditors will be very reluctant to approve you if you've been "shopping" because lenders become very concerned about how much you are actually borrowing and if they are missing important information about the creditor.  Allstate Capital struggles with approving customers that have multiple inquiries to be perfectly honest.  Call us first to discuss your needs and don't let anyone pull your credit until you are satisfied with your potential options.

Can you lease commercial titled vehicles?

Yes, we do titled trucks, vans, trailers all the time.  We even do truck accessories for existing vehicles if we get a lienholder position on the title.

Are lease or finance rates competitive with my bank?

If you have excellent credit and your financial statements justify the request, then lease rates may even be lower than what your bank is charging.  If the credit profile has more risk, then rates and payments will be based on the increased risk.  Feel free to request a quote before applying for honest feedback about whats available.

I have a past bankruptcy. Can you help me?

Yes, we help customers with past bankruptcies all the time.  We will need to know some details about your BK, so please discuss what happed and when. 

All programs, conditions, and terms are subject to credit approval and can change at any time without notice.
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