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Saturday, 20 Apr 2019

Low Rate Municipal Leasing and Federal Government Leasing

We offer low rate municipal leasing, , municipal financing and federal government leasing, programs to municipalities, government agencies, federal government, public schools, parks and recs departments, fire departments, police departments, and other state or federal entities that may qualify for special rate programs and terms.  Our municipal leasing and federal government leasing programs offer the lowest rates available and incorporate non-appropriations riders as applicable.  We can lease police cars, ambulances, computers, portable buildings, fitness equipment, gym equipment, medical equipment, and most other equipment.  Annual payments, odd terms, and special buy out requests are not a problem for us. If you are uncertain if you qualify for a municipal transaction, please feel free to contact us to go over your specific business and what you would like to lease.

Please feel free to contact your sales representative for quotes for these special transactions.  Please include all organization & contact information and the state, city, county, and equipment type & cost information as the programs may vary depending on where the business is located.  If you require any special payment terms, please let us know up front so we can best serve your needs.

All programs, conditions, and terms are subject to credit approval and can change at any time without notice.
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