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Saturday, 20 Apr 2019

Vendor Prefunding

Yes, we prefund vendors! Vendor prefunding is available for qualifying vendors and lessee's.  Vendor prefunding defined is when a vendor, or manufacturer, is sent a deposit, usually 50% of the invoice amount, for purposes of ordering or manufacturing equipment for the lessee's order.  We can prefund Lessee's transactions on a case-by-case basis and require the vendor to be approved for prefunding with us.  All leasing documentation must be complete and accepted prior to prefunding any transactions.  When we prefund, the lease begins and all terms and conditions of the lease contract are in effect.  For a vendor to apply for prefunding, they must complete a vendor profile and must be in business for over 2 years. The Lessee must agree to allow Allstate Capital, or our assigns, to prefund the vendor on each transaction. In many cases, the vendor will be required to sign a prefund form agreeing to fulfill the order in full.

Prefunding is a useful tool to help vendors with their cash flow and also be confident that the lease is in place before ordering equipment. Allstate Capital can prefund most transactions upon request. Please ask for prefunding before we issue a purchase order so we do not delay the funding process. Please contact your Sales representative with any additional questions on prefunding.

All programs, conditions, and terms are subject to credit approval and can change at any time without notice.
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